Top Talent – Director of Manufacturing

Accomplished Director of Manufacturing, Engineering and Operations for Phoenix Arizona Factory; Business Unit Director; President and GM; seasoned Project Manager and Consultant with proven international record of successful leadership of enterprise-wide growth, diversification, client satisfaction, and cost-containment – deep experience in operations management, project management, strategic planning, and close collaboration with vendors and third party entities to create customer-specific solutions; business expertise in sectors including factory development, asset management, hospitality operations, employee development, and cross-functional engineering.

Key Accomplishments

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Key Accomplishments

  • Current project 2018-2019: site evaluation and oversite of opening a new factory from scratch in Arizona, including equipment evaluation/selection, installation, HVAC and electrical, and qualification for customer approval of product Responsible for 120 employees, with scope including oversight of teams responsible for new product introduction, logistics, internal operations (package design, production), shipping, and sales.
  • Grew sales from start up in October of 2018 to over $1M month in March of 2019 focusing on highest quality of product, on time shipment, customer satisfaction, and employee growth


  • Oversight of team responsible for growing product output from $1.8M in 2012 to $6M in 2013, $12M in 2014 to over $20M in 2015. Increased GM by 40% and reduced expenses 20% YoY 2012-2017.