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Karma is a B*@$&!

To all those recruiters and hiring managers that fail to call back candidates, don’t respond to applications, don’t follow up after an interview, and generally show little to no regard for applicants during the hiring process, we reap what we sow!
It is the time of the “no call no show”, the “ghost candidate”, and the MIA new hire. The tables have turned and we are experiencing a higher volume of disappearing candidates than ever before.
Some sites are saying more than 50% of applicants fail to show for scheduled interviews and up to 50% of candidates offered jobs, never show up for their first day. (There doesn’t seem to be a consistent statistic on this but the range reported is between 15% and 75% depending on location and industry).
As recruiters and hiring managers, we are outraged! We can’t believe someone would waste our time in this manner. That they would have the nerve to make us set our day aside to prepare for an interview or on-boarding, only to be stood up. But maybe its time we look at ourselves and take this as a cry for change.
This is karma at its best and as recruiters and hiring managers, if we don’t learn our lesson, things will only get worse!  We need to have compassion for those going through the job search and application processes. We need to hold ourselves accountable to the people that take time out of their day to fill out lengthy profiles, tailor their resumes, respond to stacks of questions about their entire work history, and endure skills and personality assessments. It’s time we showed respect for applicants’ time and energy.
What does your hiring process look like? How do you show your applicants that they matter?  It’s time to lead by example and stop ghosting the candidates that we turn around and expect to show up.

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