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Don’t Be That Boring Recruiter Who Just “Posts and Coasts”

Recruiter Tip:

There are fewer and fewer stellar active candidates on the job market, yet more and more people become “recruiters” to chase purple squirrels. How do you set yourself apart as a top performer and make sure every client wants to work with you?

  1. Be Yourself! Your mom was right, there’s nobody else in the world like you. Charismatic salesman? Go with that. Socially awkward people person? That’s great! Your clients work with you not just because of your talent, but because they enjoy who you are.

  2. Leave no stone unturned. Never ever stop asking questions to get to the core of what your client and candidate is looking for. When you think you’ve found the perfect candidate, go out and find one or two more just in case. Going the extra mile creatively (actively seeking out candidates in weird places, going to networking event is a great way to show you’re dedicated and won’t stop until everyone feels like you’ve found a perfect fit.

  3. Build your brand. Who are you as a recruiter? Building your online persona and sharing your expertise across social media can bring visibility into your process and show you know your stuff. Never stop learning, never stop sharing!

This is really just the tip of the iceberg, feel free to shoot me an email if you want to discuss this further Happy hunting!

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