For Recruiters

Are You Listening?

One of the most important lessons I have learned in my recruiting career is that communication is key!

Remember back to your COMM 101 class and accept the fact that everything your professors taught you is still true and very relevant!

Communication is a two way street and takes more listening than talking to work! Don’t forget: every person you speak with is bringing their past to the table. In other words, we are all who we are today because of our life experiences, good or bad. In recruiting, this means we cannot make blanket assumptions about what someone means by something they communicate to us.

Ask questions! Don’t stop at the first answer and assume you have it all figured out.

Here are some examples of “deeper dive” questions I always train my recruiters to practice in all of their candidate and client calls/meetings:

1. What does that mean to you?

2. Why do you feel that way?

3. How does that impact you/the team?

…and this is just the starting point! Always keep asking layered questions to get to the real concerns and needs.

Recruiters are way more than “just recruiters,” and it’s up to us to ask the right questions in the right way. Give your mouth a break and listen for a change.

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